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It is impossible to tell the story of Genesis Prep without talking about and celebrating our host church and strategic partner, Real Life Ministries.  From the genesis of Genesis Prep, Real Life Ministries has been our host church.

Little did they know from our humble beginning; just 3 rooms, 4 teachers, and 35 students – that we’d grow into 30 rooms, 60+ staff members, and close to 600 students-- and we’re still growing!

But we’ve not only grown physically over the years, taking up more space but our relationship and strategic partnership have grown, too--and that is truly worth celebrating!

Vision of Real Life Ministries: 

Reaching the world for Jesus one Person at a time.  

Mission of Real Life Ministries: 

We will create biblical disciples in relational environments.  We are daily grateful and blessed that Real Life Ministries sees in us a strategic partner who aligns with their vision and mission to reach the world and create biblical disciples in unique ways as a Christian school. Truly a Kingdom win!

Real Life Ministries Welcomes You:

If you’re new to the area or want to connect to a vibrant, Bible-believing body of disciple-making disciples passionate about the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, we encourage you to check out Real Life Ministries.  CLICK HERE!

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Real Life Classes: