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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is, fully.  Genesis Prep is a 501 (c)(3).

Genesis Prep's home has been the campus of Real Life Ministries for the past 15 years.  We are very blessed to have a generous strategic partnership with Real Life Ministries.   They have accommodated our growing school for years and now there is simply no more room to expand. With record enrollment and waiting lists, now is the time for GPA to accept God's call to build our own building.  

Our first phase approach is estimated to be around $15,000,000.  This will allow 3 classes for K-12th grades.  The location and size of the property allows us to add future phases so that we can reach an enrollment of 1200 students.  This would help us to be one of the largest and best private Christian schools in North Idaho.  

The mission of Genesis Prep Academy is to provide a God-centered, discipleship driven, creative education that prepares students for life.   This campaign allows us to educate more students across grades Pre-K-12, but will not change our mission or vision.  

  • We began preparations for this campaign in December 2020, as we formed our Board Focus groups for fundraising and the building committees.      
  • In March 2021, Genesis Prep purchased 6.5 acres just east of The Fields at Real Life. 
  • Construction of each component is based on a number of factors, including City approval, fundraising progress, financing, etc. 

We have seen God's calling to pursue a piece of land over the past several years with the 20%+ annual growth we have experienced and now we have reached our maximum enrollment, which includes a waitlist at almost every grade level.  Surrounding properties have been looked at but because of the desire to stay connected to our current campus, the incredible facilities our strategic partner Real Life Ministries has to offer, and it being just the right size, we had to pursue it.