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Lakeland High School Partnership

Genesis Prep Academy is proud to partner with Lakeland High School in order to access Fast Forward funding that is available to public school students.  GPA is able to do this by having Junior and Seniors Dual enroll at Lakeland High School.  This will not affect their athletic eligibility, however it will simply list your student as a public school student which will give them access to Fast Forward funding.  Dual credit opportunities include:

  • North Idaho College 
  • KTEC
  • IDLA offers our high school students AP, Honors and dual credit courses (a high school credit as well as a college credit) from the following universities and colleges: Boise State University, Northwest Nazarene University and the College of Southern Idaho. 

Skills & Knowledge for Dual Credit Students

Students interested in taking DUAL credit courses should be academically and emotionally prepared for the rigors of a college level class. The minimum requirements for DUAL enrollment are a guide to helps students and parents determine whether DUAL credit is the right choice for them.  Outside of high school grades students should consider some of the following in order to gauge their readiness for college level courses. 


Strong reading and writing skills


Time manage skills

Independent learning skills

Ability to self-teach

DUAL Credit students must possess the ability to advocate for themselves.  DUAL credit students are responsibly for filling out their own applications, registering in their classes (even those offered at GPA), and being aware of deadlines.  If you feel your student may struggle with any specific part of being a DUAL credit student, we recommend setting up a meeting with Student Services Coordinator or counselor to determine whether DUAL credit is a good fit for your student.

Student Success & Academic Progress

Student success is extremely important!  College records are permanent and will follow students to colleges and universities upon high school graduation.  Students are required to maintain a certain college GPA and completion rate to remain eligible for DUAL credit enrollment. 

Any time a DUAL credit student is struggling they should reach out to student services to get additional guidance.  

Dual Credit FAQ

Students can take college level classes at colleges like North Idaho College and earn both college and high school credits.  Students are welcome to use these credits to satisfy core requirements or electives.  

Dual Credit classes are recommended for Juniors and Seniors that are at least 16 years old with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.  In addition, at least half a student's high school credits must be completed or in progress.  Students must get permission from their parent as well as their school counselor to take college classes.  

Students can take courses offered on Genesis Prep Academy's campus, North Idaho College campus or online.  

For every 2 credits taken at the college, the student will get 1 credit at Genesis Prep.  For example if a student takes a 3 credit ENG 101 class, they will get 1.5 credits at Genesis Prep to go towards their graduation requirements.