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Genesis Prep Preschool Program

Genesis Prep Mission:
To provide a God-centered, discipleship-driven, and creative education that prepares students for life.

Program Description:
Genesis Prep Preschool is committed to reflecting the overall mission of Genesis Preparatory Academy (GPA) by preparing your child to successfully transition to kindergarten. Our goal is to offer your child a Christ-centered, academically integrated, developmentally appropriate preschool program

Goals & Objectives

  • To bridge the gap between home and school by engaging with families through meaningful and intentional relationships.
  • To provide rich learning experiences through observing children as they interact with their physical environment based on their individual interests, abilities and development.

What does that look like?

Building reciprocal relationships and providing opportunities to engage with children and families are important in an early childhood setting. A few ways we will get to know the values, interests, and expectations of each family are through one-on-one interviews, open houses, and family questionnaires.

The classroom environment will be learning center-based, through play (i.e. pretend play, block/manipulatives, literacy and math areas) where academic components will be integrated within the centers through children’s observed interests and teacher-directed activities.

Developmental assessments will be given to families at the beginning of the school year, and teachers will continue to track each child’s progress to provide opportunities to identify and develop each child’s growth and development throughout the school year. 

Preschool class schedule options:

Full-day Monday through Thursday 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 
Half-day Monday through Thursday 7:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


BJU Press, Footsteps for Fours (FFF) is the adopted curriculum for Genesis Prep Academy Preschool. Not only is this curriculum taught from a Biblical Worldview, but it supports the theory of whole child development. FFF was designed with the awareness that children learn knowledge through observation, questions, and an environment that places high emphasis on an intentional play-based model with multi-sensory experiences. 

“The early experiences a child has-the things he/she sees, hears, touches, smells, and tastes; stimulate the brain, creating millions of connections. This is when foundations for learning health and behavior throughout life are laid down” - 

Our aim for the Preschool at Genesis Prep Academy is to help support a strong foundation using FFF and instill the joy of lifelong learning while also integrating a strong biblical worldview for all children. 


Key Highlights of the FFF Curriculum are: 

  • Scaffolding learning (taking children from where they are in understanding to where they need to be)
  • Uses Higher Level Thinking Questions
  • Links new information with previously learned information
  • Involves a high level of teacher interaction
  • Interactive components 
  • Skill repetition opportunities
  • Flexible for all types and stages of learning
  • Develops the joy of learning through both teacher-guided and independent discovery-based activities/play.
  • Includes age-appropriate STEM learning
  • Provides foundational knowledge skills in Bible, Math, Social Studies, Science, Handwriting, and Language Arts for future grades. 
  • Gauges learning of material with unit and quarterly assessments
  • Seamlessly integrates Biblical Worldview shaping directives 
  • Genesis Prep Academy is currently using BJU Press curriculums in the early grades, which will support a more seamless integration for those choosing to enroll their child following preschool.