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Grant & Aid

Genesis Prep’s mission statement affirms that it exists “…to provide a high quality, affordable educational experience built upon a biblical worldview and the basic tenets of the Christian faith.” 
With this in mind, the school has created a tuition assistance program modeled after other private schools where tuition guidelines are based on a family’s ability to pay.  We seek to develop a tradition of helping all local families who desire a distinctively Christian education for their children.
Genesis Prep seeks to provide a God-centered, creative education that prepares students for life.  Families who send their children to Genesis Prep understand that they are committing to a philosophy and a financial commitment which is often sacrificial in nature.  All families are asked to participate through prayerful reflection, payment of tuition based on ability to pay, and freely giving of their time and talents in volunteer support work throughout the year.
Full cost tuition is determined each year by the school’s board of directors after considering the school’s expenses and expected enrollment.  In an ideal world, all families would pay this amount, which represents the actual cost of educating one student at Genesis Prep for one year with mostly full classrooms.
Families may request a reduction in the full cost of tuition by following a series of steps.  These include formal acceptance into the GPA program and completion of a FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. Families whose total gross income precludes them from affording the full cost may be eligible to receive a tuition award based on guidelines established by the school and available funds.  The finance committee, being committed to biblical stewardship principles, is entrusted with the responsibility to decide how assistance is to be awarded.
No family is asked to pay more than is articulated in the current tuition agreement.  Some may volunteer to do so. At this time, between 90-93% of the school’s revenue comes from tuition.  The other 7-10% percent comes from school fundraising and miscellaneous income. Families are encouraged to participate in Genesis Prep fundraising efforts through such events as the Auction and Spring Flower sales. 
The school also offers awards of between 5-30% for multiple child families and a 50% award for families where the primary source of income is earned by a full-time church staff member.  These awards are given automatically to qualifying students.
FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment conducts an objective financial need analysis for Genesis Prep Academy.  Families applying for financial aid will need to complete an application and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.  Applicants can apply online by clicking the FACTS link. There is a $35 application fee to process the Grant & Aid Assessment.