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Tuition & Fees

The vision of Genesis Prep Academy includes a commitment  “to provide a high quality, affordable educational experience built upon a biblical worldview and the basic tenets of the Christian faith.”   Without any government funding, the school relies primarily on tuition income to sustain the quality of its programs and facilities.  While the school’s board of directors realizes that “affordability” varies from family to family, it is actively working to become accessible to a growing number of students in the North Kootenai County region.  
Genesis Prep Board of Directors embraces a tuition philosophy that believes in annual increases which are consistent with cost-of-living ratios.  Not only does such an approach reflect good stewardship principles, it also helps our families eliminate guesswork in establishing long range goals for their children’s education. 

Payment Policies

  • Financial accounts can be seen and paid online 24/7 on Every family will have a personal login.
  • Monthly invoice reminder statements will be emailed 10 days prior to due date by FACTS management if an email is on file. Payments need to be auto drafted or mailed to FACTS on a monthly basis. 
  • Monthly Tuition is due on the 1st and late after the 5th of each month.
  • On the 6th of each month, unpaid accounts are assessed a $25 late fee.  FACTS management will automatically add the $25 late fee to be paid the next month and the fee will show on the following months invoice.  
  • If a K-12 student is not enrolled beyond 30 days, no further tuition obligation will be incurred.  After 30 days of enrollment, commitment to pay the full tuition of the current semester is required.  
  • A PRESCHOOL student is required to give 30 days notice of withdraw and is required to pay tuition for that 30 days.
  • Chronically overdue student accounts may result in dismissal from school until accounts are brought current.  All accounts must be in good standing at the end of 1st semester in order to continue enrollment in 2nd semester. Families are encouraged to stay in contact with GPA Student Accounts Coordinator regarding financial concerns or outstanding balances. 
  • Should a student transfer out of Genesis Prep, all academic records will be held until the student/family is in good financial standing. 
  • FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment conducts the financial need analysis for Genesis Prep Academy. Online applications are available at 
  • Each year requires a new application to be submitted (no automatic renewals) for K-12 students.
  • Criteria for Assistance:  “Total tuition exceeds 10% of total income from all sources.”  [For instance, a family with 1 elementary student @ $5,195 would need to have a total income of less than $51,950 in order to be considered.  
  • Grant & Aid is awarded based on need and availability at the discretion of the Finance Committee. 
  • There is a limited amount of grant & aid available.
  • All families awarded Grant & Aid are asked to complete 40 volunteer hours during the school year. 
  • All Grant & Aid applications and awards are confidential. Failure to maintain confidentiality on the part of a family is grounds for nullification of the award. 
  • Preschool Grant & Aid is handled through the state of Idaho. Please talk

Preschool Grant & Aid is handled through the state of Idaho. Please see the Preschool Director for additional information.

Full time Church staff automatically receive 50% award of total tuition when the primary income earner of the family is employed full-time by a Church. These families are not eligible for further assistance, including but not limited to multiple child discount and grant & aid.
  • Genesis Prep would like to thank our family volunteers with a $200 tuition credit for their applicable service.  Parents and grandparents who collectively volunteer pre-approved 20 hours or more during the school year will be awarded a one-time $200 credit towards tuition or early registration.  Families receiving grant & aid must complete their previously asked for 40 hours. Families on Grant & Aid  are not eligible for the $200 volunteer credit. Families receiving 50% or greater reduction in tuition are not eligible for a tuition credit.  Volunteer credits have no cash value. Credits will be applied to tuition accounts or registration after written verification is received in the Student Accounts Office that the hours have been completed. Please see the Front Office for complete procedures.

Families are encouraged to pay online using FACTS ( You may also pay with check or cash at the business office. Two-party and post-dated checks are not accepted. Credit/Debit cards are accepted through FACTS only. 

Lunch is available Monday – Thursday.